More About Us

What does it mean to be based in God's Word?

Here we are very careful. Our pastor studies the text in the original Hebrew or Greek. He has had years of training in those languages. If the answer cannot be found in God's Word, we do not make up an answer based on what we think. We let Scripture interpret Scripture. We do not take a text out of context.

How do we worship?

Christians for hundreds of years have used Scripture for worship. They sing "psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" to the Lord. They confess their sins to the Lord and are assured of forgiveness through Jesus. We continue in this worship, using songs of old and songs of new, all woven together in the Word and centered in Christ.

Centered in God's amazing salvation for us in Christ

We are centered in what God has done for us. We drink freely of the words of his salvation for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Our focus is on the work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for our salvation, our comfort and our peace. Grace is undeserved mercy without strings attached.  With strings attached it is not really grace and the living waters will not be able to quench our thirst.

Intergenerational worship

Intergenerational means we think it's wonderful to have all generations worshiping together at one time.

Why? We believe little children and families need to be exposed to worshiping with one another. Children pick up from older examples more than we realize. They may not understand all the hymn melodies and words, but their brains start to make connections. Adults need the next generation to pass along the torch of God's Word. Adults have a purpose in worship not only to show awe and wonder to our magnificent God, but to model that to the next generation. When you see a tottering white-haired believer, riddled with pain, but making it to worship, it speaks volumes to priorities in life.

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