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Last updated on May 1, 2018
Starting this week (02/25/2018) we are changing our format for the videos being uploaded. We will continue to provide an archive of the entire service on our OneDrive (Link both here and below), plus one on our YouTube Channel (Link here) but will no longer provide an archive of the entire service on this web site directly. On the other hand we will be providing both on our YouTube Channel and here an archive of the Sermon portion of each service, as well as having available the latest full service uploaded to YouTube posted at the top of this page for easy access.

Another Note: For those of you who connect to our site via a mobile phone or tablet, if you press download, it streams the video so that you can watch it as it is being downloaded.

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Mike Foley 

Good Shepherd Sunday
Mike Foley 

Christ paid for all our sins and won for us eternal life … with his glorious resurrection
Mike Foley 
1 John 1:1-2:2 

Mike Foley 

Mike Foley 

Mike Foley 

Glory hidden under a blanket of suffering and a veil of humiliation
Mike Foley 

Instruments of the Passion: Sign on the Cross
Mike Foley 

Traditionally this Sunday was called Laetare, "Rejoice" Sunday
Mike Foley 

Instruments of the Passion: Via Dolorosa
Mike Foley 

Christ's good news heals our most serious disease
Mike Foley 

Lent: Crown of Thorns
Mike Foley 

Salvation and suffering go hand in hand
Mike Foley 
Genesis 28:10-19 

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